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  • We provide bakery items for every occasion and daily needs plus we provide as wholesaling for the catering.
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Danish Pastisserie

The most amazing cakes

Elegant and Innovative Cake Designs for all Occasions Celebration. Best Designer Cakes Online with Home Delivery ! Mind blowing Theme Cakes /Customized Cakes, Tier Cakes & 3D Cakes.

Cikolatali Baklawa

The unique combination of baklava and chocolate flavors combined with the mastery of Baklove/Altin Petek.

Ankara Baklawa

Ankara Baklavası is prepared with an average of 12 layers of filo dough. The filo dough ratio is lower than other baklava. It contains finely ground Antep boz pistachio and it is rolled out long as durum and then placed in the baking trays.

Assorted Pistachio Baklawa

An assortment pistachio baklavas is a Sweet Type- Vegetarian, eggless, zero preservatives, contains dry fruits and honey.


Burma Cashew Baklawa

Made using 80% high quality cashew, honey syrup and grade A clarified butter, this rich dessert is sure to leave your sweet cravings fully satisfied! Sweet Type- Vegetarian, eggless, zero preservatives, contains dry fruits and honey.

Dry fruit Baklawa

Dry Fruit Baklawa 250gm. This is an amazing sweet from north India that contains dry fruits like pistachios and walnuts with ingredients like cinnamon powder, fruit mince, grounded ginger, butter and sugar.

Chocolate Baklawa

Chocolate baklava, layers and layers of phyllo dough are piled into a pan with walnuts, butter, chocolate chips and cinnamon. A fabulous honey- citrus syrup is drizzled on top. It's light and flaky, and crisp.

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