Dry Cake

Dry Cake


Dry cake is cake that lacks moisture for one reason or another. A moist cake has a tender crumb and is light, fluffy, and bouncy. Dry Fruit Cake Recipe is an easy, tasty and deliciously moist cake recipe. This cake is a rich cake full of dried fruit raisins and nuts.

Planning to make a Christmas cake at home but confused about the ingredients and method? Then we have curated a delicious Dry Fruit Cake, which you can make at home and enjoy with your loved ones. Unlike other classic cake recipes, this one is soft, moist and loaded with nuts and dry fruits, which make it a blissful treat. Especially, if you are planning a high tea or a brunch or want to enjoy it warm after a lavish buffet. This mild spiced cake is great for winter feasts and goes well with Coffee, Tea or warm drinks. 

If you are fond of spices then you can add in some cinnamon and allspice, this will add a mild flavorful touch to the cake. To make this simple cake you need all-purpose flour, mixed dry fruits, eggs, milk, butter with some granulated sugar. It has a hint of nutmeg that makes the whole experience an exciting one. 

To make it more creamy make sure you whisk the sugar and butter, till it turns foamy and creamy.

You can also store and enjoy this cake anytime. So, if you haven’t made up your mind for what kind of cake you would be making for this Christmas? Then, here is the recipe of Dry Fruit Cake which is super-amazing in taste and easy-to-make as well. 

Also, if you are a first-time baker, then this cake recipe is a must-try for you! Do try it and let us know your feedback in the comment box.


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